A DiGRA Report, of sorts


I wrote the bulk of this post right after the DiGRA Tokyo event, on the plane ride home. Jet lag and job responsibilities delayed the editing and posting. But, hey, what am I gonna do. For what it’s worth, some reflections on key game research event of the year).

I’m wrapping up my visit to Tokyo and attendance at the Digital Games Research Association International conference. And respecting my tradition of frankly summing up the whole experience after the fact, I’ve sat down to see what I can remember, and what feels like it still matters once it was all over.

I think the best way to tackle this particular conference is to relate a series of contexts and by contexts I mean “stories” that I think will thread or bang together in such a way as to say something useful.

So let me start with talking about the last meal I ate in Tokyo, at the airport.


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