Let the Good Links Roll


Sure, the Internet is a quagmire of misinformation, confusion and outright lies. Sort of like one’s mind. That’s where comes in for me. I use this bookmarking utility all the time to sift and sort the endless stream of interesting junk that floats through my browser.

Now, I’ve gotten around to adding a link roll to the site. Be sure to check it out on the right hand column to view my most recent excavations relevant to my interests around environmental design and videogames.

2 Responses to Let the Good Links Roll

  1. Would I be the millionth person to say that is so… eh, delicious? Anyhoo, I agree about it.

    Interesting finds you’ve got. Please check me out at

  2. My link roll is only for stuff relevant to architecture and games at the moment. But, yeah, I don’t know how I even functioned on the Web before!

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