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    The increase of computing power in game consoles (and by proxy games
    on personal computers) has allowed for the both the increase in the
    graphic detail of game environments as well as the increase in their
    size and scope.

    Far Cry 2 pushes the art of level design forward offering 50 square
    kilometers of game levels featuring a unparalleled level of
    deail–especially in the foliage.

    A big part of the fun of this game is feeling like you are in the
    middle of some mid-continent African bush war. And despite its Soldier
    of Fortune meets Disney;s Animal Kingdom aethetic, it’s a reasosnable
    fun game to play.

    What I find the most interesting is that the included level editor not
    only allows you to create settings as rich and evokative as those in
    the game, but that with very little effort, you can make a place that
    feels real and compelling. Why? Graphic detail is one. But more
    important–trees and bushes. Plop down a couple of ramshackle
    buildings on sand and it looks like a game. Pile on a forest of trees
    and ferns, drooping vines and creeping ground cover and you have an
    oasis that a National Geographic photographer could love.

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