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OK, the tilt-shift technique–the one that makes real photos look like shots of miniature models by way of manipulating the depth of field–may be the fad of the moment. But it also points a finger at just how delicate our grasp of media is in a much more profound way. Without much effort, we can fool the eye that an image of a real place is actually an image of a fake place. The point is, of course, that media can very well be the message. It also happens to support the argument that mediation of any type is a step toward fantasy. Why else do we see the tilt-shift universe as a cute, wonderful and magical doll house world?

Which only makes all  that much cooler. The  Web site is dedicated to the technique and provides a very simple, but quite effective tool for turning your images into tilt-shift fantasylands, 
Here's my view of Aspen, from the gondola courtesy of tiltshiftmaker (and yes, I know, Aspen wasn't real in the first place!):

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