David Thomas, PhD runs buzzcut. He is buzzcut.

David is also the director of academic technology at the University of Colorado Denver and an assistant professor, attendant, in the Department of Architecture. He teaches in the school of education and college of arts and media, both online and in the classroom. His research focuses on the theory and design of fun objects, process and places. This search for fun ranges from video games to architecture with a special focus on the value of fun at work.

He used to write about videogames for outlets at varied as the Denver Post, Wired, Electronic Gaming Monthly and Paste.

He currently runs Wacky Workplace workshops, helping business bring motivation, creativity innovation and engagement into their organizations, and is working two book projects exploring the theory and practice of fun.

You can catch him in action, giving a TED Talk here, pretending to be a classic TV star here, pretending to give a TED talk here , pretending to be Mark Twain here and singing a silly song here.

Want to get in touch? Have me run a Wacky Workplace workshop? Deliver and hilarious and poignant keynote? Just find out more?

Drop me mail, games @ buzzcut.com


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